3 key metrics for measuring your websites performance

Sometimes, new website owners get so excited when they finally launch their sites that they forget to put in place the measures for monitoring the site’s ongoing performance.

You have everything ready to go, from the perfectly written content from a company like contentray.com to the Facebook posts ready to be shared. But how will you know if your launch is a success or a failure?

It’s an understandable oversight. Trying to wrap your head around statistics at a time when there’s already so much going on can be overwhelming for most entrepreneurs. To ease you into web analytics, all you need to monitor is the following three metrics:

  • Number of New Visitors
  • Percent of Visits Under X Number of Seconds
  • Percent of Visits That Are 1 Page

These are the key indicators of whether your launch campaign is working. Here’s what you can learn from them.

  • If, for example, you’re running a Facebook campaign to drive traffic to your site but you’re getting no new visitors, you may need to tweak your Facebook campaign.
  • If you’re getting new visitors, but they’re staying for less than 15 seconds when it takes 60 seconds to read the full landing page, then you may have to tweak the landing page.
  • And if most of your visitors visit only one page when the aim is to get them to browse, you may have to tweak your site’s navigation.

You don’t have to be a web analytics guru. You just have to know the mere basics and what it tells you about your visitors.

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